How to do Dip Powder Nails at Home

1)  Prep - Prep as normal (remove cuticles, file and shape your nails, etc.). Wash your hands to remove any excess oil from your nail beds.

2)  Base - Apply a thin even layer of  Liquid # 1 Base on your nail.

3)  Dip Powder  - Apply the dip powder to the nail/Base liquid by your chosen method (dip into the powder at a 45° angle, lay flat into the powder or pour the powder over the nail), wipe brush off on a lint free disposable towel, tap off excess powder, using the tooth pick clean off any powder/base that may have gotten too close to the side walls and cuticle line, after the base/powder has set (firmed up) brush the excess powder off.

4)  Repeat - Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many time necessary to achieve desired thickness. Note:  If you experience chipping and cracking additional layers maybe necessary.

5)  Activate - Generously apply Liquid # 2 Activator. Let dry for two minutes.

6)  File/Buff - File to shape your nail, if necessary. Using the file, remove any large bumps or ripples, if necessary. Note:  Thin even layers of base should limit the majority of bumps and ripples. Buff to achieve desired smoothness. Rinse your hand with water (no soap) and completely dry your hands.

7)  Activate - Apply a second coat of  Liquid # 2 Activator, wait about 2 minutes. Wipe your nails with a dry lint free wipe.

8)  Top Coat - Apply thin even layer of Liquid # 3 Top Coat this should be in 2-3 quick brush strokes (it doesn’t have to be perfect), wipe brush off on a lint free disposable towel. Wait about one minute. Apply another thin even layer of Liquid # 3 Top Coat this layer can be applied slower with more detail making sure to cap your edges. Let dry for at least 2-3 minutes, the drying time will vary depend on thickness of the Top coat.

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